A micro-scale insight into a back-arc trans-crustal plumbing system: The case of Marsili volcano, Southern Tyrrhenian Sea

Colle F., Masotta M., Costa S., Giacomoni P. P., Trua T., Marani M.

LITHOS, 482-483, 107675

The Marsili seamount is a submarine volcano in the Tyrrhenian Sea that originated in a back-arc setting. Aiming to define the complexity of its trans-crustal plumbing system, we explored the compositional and textural variations of crystal cargoes in...


New constraints on the Middle-Late Pleistocene Campi Flegrei explosive activity and Mediterranean tephrostratigraphy (~160 ka and 110–90 ka)

Fernandez G., Giaccio B., Costa A., Monaco L., Nomade S., Albert P. G., Pereira A., Flynn M., Leicher N., Lucchi, F., Petrosino P., Palladino D.M., Milia A., Insinga D.D., Wulf S., Kearney R., Veres D.,...

Quaternary Science Reviews, 331, 108623

The Campi Flegrei (CF) caldera, in southern Italy, is the source of some of the most powerful Late Pleistocene eruptions of the European sub-continent (e.g., Campanian Ignimbrite, Neapolitan Yellow Tuff eruptions). Although the CF caldera has been continuously...


Crustal Structure of Etna Volcano (Italy) From P-Wave Anisotropic Tomography

Lo Bue R., Rappisi F., Firetto Carlino M., Giampiccolo E., Cocina O., Vanderbeek B. P., Faccenda M.

Geophysical Research Letters, 51

Several seismic tomographic studies have been carried out to outline the intricate interplay between tectonics and magma uprising at Etna volcano. Most of these studies assume a seismically isotropic crust. Here we employ a novel methodology that accounts...


Generation of deposit-derived pyroclastic density currents by repeated crater rim failures at Stromboli Volcano (Italy)

Di Traglia F., Berardino P., Borselli L., Calabria P., Calvari S., Casalbore D., Casagli N., Casu F., Latino Chiocci F., Civico R., De Cesare W., De Luca C., Del Soldato M., Esposito A., Esposito C., Favalli...

Bull Volcanol 86, 69 (2024).

The gravitational instability of hot material deposited during eruptive activity can lead to the formation of glowing avalanches, commonly known as deposit-derived pyroclastic density currents (PDCs). These currents can travel hundreds of metres to several...


Surveying volcanic crises exercises: From open-question questionnaires to a prototype checklist

Massaro S., Sandri L., Geyer A., Cristiani C., Nave R., Barsotti S., Loughlin S., Puglisi G.

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Volume 440, August 2023, 107850

Volcanic crisis exercises are usually run to test response capabilities, communication protocols, and decision-making procedures by agencies with responsibilities to cope with scenarios of volcanic unrest with inherent uncertainty, such as volcano observatories...