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Kinetic partitioning of trace cations between zoned clinopyroxene and a variably cooled-decompressed alkali basalt: Thermodynamic considerations on lattice strain and electrostatic energies of substitution

Mollo S., Moschini P., Ubide T., MacDonald A., Vetere F., Nazzari M., Misiti V., Miyajima N., Melai C., Di Genova D., Vona A., Di Fiore F., Romano C.

Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 361, 40-66

We present kinetic partitioning data for trace cations measured in zoned clinopyroxene crystals obtained from a variably cooled and decompressed olivine basalt erupted at Mt. Etna volcano in Italy. Supersaturation effects and compositional heterogeneities...


Experimental insights on the shear-induced crystallization of a phonotephrite magma

Di Fiore F., Vona A., Mollo S., Nazzari M., Giordano G., Romano C.

Chemical Geology, 637, 121682

In active volcanic environments, magmas that ascend within the conduit and erupt at the surface as lava flows experience physico-chemical perturbations related to temperature changes and variable degrees of deformation. We have conducted experimental...


The Italian Quaternary volcanism

Branca S., Cinquegrani A., Cioni R., Conte A.M., Conticelli S., De Astis G., de Vita S., De Rosa R., Di Vito M.A., Donato P., Forni F., Francalanci L., Gaeta M., Giaccio B., Giordano G., Giuffrida M.,...

Alpine and Mediterranean Quaternary, 36 (2), 221-284

The peninsular and insular Italy are punctuated by Quaternary volcanoes and their rocks constitute an important aliquot of the Italian Quaternary sedimentary successions. Also away from volcanoes themselves, volcanic ash layers are a common and frequent...


Complex paths of magma propagation at Fernandina (Galápagos): The coexistence of circumferential and radial dike intrusion during the January 2020 eruption

Galetto F.

Bulletin of Volcanology 85, 71. 

Understanding paths of magma propagation is fundamental to infer how magma is transported from magma reservoir to the surface during eruptions. Here has been investigated the 2020 circumferential eruption that occurred on the upper east flank of Fernandina...


Surveying volcanic crises exercises: From open-question questionnaires to a prototype checklist

Massaro S., Sandri L., Geyer A., Cristiani C., Nave R., Barsotti S., Loughlin S., Puglisi G.

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Volume 440, August 2023, 107850

Volcanic crisis exercises are usually run to test response capabilities, communication protocols, and decision-making procedures by agencies with responsibilities to cope with scenarios of volcanic unrest with inherent uncertainty, such as volcano observatories...