How an embryonic magma feeding system evolves: Insights from the primordial pulses of Mt. Etna volcano

Marisa G., Nicotra N., Viccaro M.

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 451, 108113

Volcanism at Mt. Etna (Italy) started with an early tholeiitic stage dating back to 542?ka during which subaqueous to subaerial magmas were emitted chiefly through fissure-type eruptions on widespread areas located on the southern flank of the modern...


Release the crackin': The influence of brittle behavior on gas retention in crystal-rich magma

Herbst T.G., Whittington A.G., Pistone M., Schiffbauer J.D., Selly T.

Bulletin of Volcanology, 86

Crystal-rich silicic lavas commonly erupt from hazardous lava dome-forming volcanoes, characterized by both effusive and explosive eruptions. Magma explosivity is inherently dependent on its ability to store pressurized gas, which can be released through...


Geomorphic analysis of digital elevation model generated from vintage aerial photographs: A glance at the pre-urbanization morphology of the active Campi Flegrei caldera

Natale J., Vitale S., Repola L., Monti L., Isaia, R.

Geomorphology, 109267.

Accurate digital elevation models represent the basic tool for a large spectrum of applications, including geological, architectonic, archaeological, and urbanistic studies. However, aggressive urbanization may significantly alter the morphology of areas...


The utility of TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X, and PAZ for studying volcanic activity: Successes, challenges, and future prospects

Galetto F., Dualeh E., Delgado F., Pritchard M., Poland M., Ebmeier S., Shreve T., Biggs J., Hamling I., Wauthier C., Gonzalez Santana J., Froger J.-L., Bemelmans M.

Volcanica, 7(1), 273–301

TerraSAR-X (TSX), TanDEM-X (TDX), and PAZ Synthetic Aperture Radar data have been used at over 120 volcanoes to assess surface characteristics and change over time. We examine previous work, adding additional examples to understand where and when these...


Surveying volcanic crises exercises: From open-question questionnaires to a prototype checklist

Massaro S., Sandri L., Geyer A., Cristiani C., Nave R., Barsotti S., Loughlin S., Puglisi G.

Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, Volume 440, August 2023, 107850

Volcanic crisis exercises are usually run to test response capabilities, communication protocols, and decision-making procedures by agencies with responsibilities to cope with scenarios of volcanic unrest with inherent uncertainty, such as volcano observatories...