GNP-GIV 2007 International School - Isotope Geology

The fifth GNP - GIV International School of Isotope Geology entitled "Frontiers in petrogenesis and magmatology, and applications to archaeometry and environmental sciences" took place in Verbania Pallanza (VB) during June 2007.

Topics covered in the School included: Early solar-system chronology using short-lived isotopes, Recent developments in SIMS-based isotope studies, Isotopic evolution and state of heterogeneity of the mantle, Use of isotopes in tracking geodynamic processes on a global scale, Timescales of magma chamber processes by short-lived U-series, In situ isotopic determination to track volcanic processes, Dating of metamorphic crystallization and cooling ages, In-situ Ar/Ar and U/Pb dating, Isotopes in tracking paleoclimate, cultural heritage, and the geographical provenance of food.


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