AIV 2010 International School - Explosive basaltic volcanism

The 2010 International Summer School of Volcanology entitled: 

"Explosive basaltic volcanism: case studies of Mt. Etna and Hyblean plateau"

 took place in Nicolosi, Catania (Italy) from 27 September to 1 October2010.

 The school offered to the participants the opportunity to improve the scientific background concerning the dynamics of the explosive volcanism in basaltic systems, which originates and develops differently than its counterpart in more evolved systems. Scenarios of the school have been the deposits associated to the activity of Mount Etna volcano and the Hyblean Plateau (South-eastern sectors of Sicily). Class lectures covered a large spectrum of scientific topics such as magma rheology, ascent dynamics, eruptive styles, magma-water interaction and associated volcano hazard. About half time of the school has also been dedicated to field work for the description, analysis, and interpretation of the deposits and associated eruptive processes, promoting discussions among all the participants. The school was attended by 38 young researchers (PhD and graduate students, post-docs in volcanology). Among them 20 came from Italy and 18 from different countries (e.g Australia, New Zealand, Canada, England, Spain, Russia, Norway and Switzerland). Participants had also the opportunity to present their researches and to share ideas in a successful poster session.

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