AIV-AIQUA 2015 International School of Volcanology and Quaternary Geology

Download the Is circular of the AIV-AIQUA 2015 International School

The Associazione Italiana di Vulcanologia (AIV) together with Associazione Italiana per gli studi sul Quaternario (AIQUA) are organizing the 2015 International Summer School of Volcanology and Quaternary Geology: "Volcanic growth and landscape response - Volcanic processes and basin sedimentation".


Graduate and Ph.D. students, and young researchers in volcanology.


Lipari (Aeolian Islands, southern Italy), 5-10 October 2015.


Focused Lectures on topic arguments (2 days) and field excusrions (3 days) including the climbing of the active Stromboli volcano.

Download the Ist Circular of the School by clicking on the image.


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