International School of Volcanology 2019 - Working on an active volcano: learning tools of modern volcanology" - 2nd circular now online

Stromboli is probably the best known volcano in the world for its spectacular basaltic explosions occurring every 10 minutes. In the last decades, this persistency of explosive activity made Stromboli the target of many international experiments which have driven the way volcanologists are working today on volcanoes, making Stromboli the best laboratory volcano in the world.

The school is aimed at introducing the modern spectrum of field measurements and data acquisition necessary to study and monitor the dynamics of an active volcano.

Students will be introduced to the state of the art of geophysical and geochemical instrumentations, tephra sampling, data acquisition and processing. Special attention will be given to the use of the monitoring tools to define not only eruptive dynamics but also Alert levels and Early-Warning procedure for Civil Protection use.

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